Audrey Wood VA

Leave the rest up to me

It is a pleasure to have you visit my website and a privilege to introduce myself.
My name is Audrey Wood. My experience stems from spending over 35 years
in corporate, crafting and perfecting my current skills set that I utilize to
support my clients’ businesses.




My experience ranges from Senior Facilities and Project Management, Office Administrator, Project co-ordinator, Events Management and Executive Assistance, with various courses in Generic Management and of course International Virtual Assistance in various sectors.

What you need in your business is someone who brings a multitude of experience and business savvy to your business. Someone who can step into the role of your business partner and trusted ally.

I am a self-motivated and energetic person; a strong planner and problem solver, who is highly motivated and strives to provide a positive Customer and end-user experience. My strengths include attention to detail, adaptability, willingness to learn, strong interpersonal skills, with an understanding, compassionate and collaborative approach. I can think collectively, act independently, and am completely committed; without compromising the reputation or competencies of myself or your business.

This is where your time-saving journey begins!