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Office Management and Administration


Travel Arrangements


Project Management

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Event Planning

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Personal Assistance


Facilities and EH&S

Your One Stop Admin Solution

My job is to not only alleviate all your admin burdens but to get involved in the development of your business venture. You need the kind of support in your business where you feel entirely comfortable, fully trusting, and reliant on a professional Virtual Assistant who knows what she is doing and appreciates the goals you are trying to reach. This is what my business is all about.

Office Management and Administration

Preparing and editing of documents

Formatting of documents

Spreadsheet compilation

Presentations compile, design and refresh

Screening of CVs

Setting up of interviews

Compile and maintain new employee welcome packs

Manage offsite document storage

Management of stationery, business cards and printing

Office renovations (planning, approval, implementation and sign off)

Internet research

Workload relief

Facilitating cross-functional collaboration

Coordinating, overseeing and managing projects

Meeting administration

Process documentation

Resource management

Task tracking

Project Management

Personal Assistance

Calendar and diary management

Business and personal bookings and reminders

Email management

Expense management

To-do list management

Setting up of appointments, meetings and conference calls

Personal tasks e.g. sourcing and purchasing gifts, supplies and equipment

Online purchases

Manage, book and arrange local and international travel needs

Travel planning

Compile itineraries

Booking of accommodation

Booking of flights (national and international)

Restaurant bookings

Travel Arrangements

Event Planning

Conference setting up and co-ordination (small-medium)

Corporate events (small-medium)

Event support

Product launch support

Set up and manage workshops and training courses

Set up and coordinate speaking events

Social events

Ensuring efficient management of facilities and effective use of company resources

Manage landlord, security, vendor and service provider contracts and relationships

Arrange repairs, additions and modifications to home, office and work areas

Management of offices (including outsourcing of cleaning services, catering, office supplies, furniture, furnishings and office maintenance)

Setting up and management of EH&S Committee

EH&S Compliance

Facilities and EH&S

Facilities Validation Master Plan

A VMP outlines the principals involved in the qualification of a facility, defines the areas and systems to be validated, and provides a written program for achieving and maintaining a qualified facility.